Northwoods Catholic Radio, Inc.
was specifically founded to bring Catholic radio to North Central Wisconsin. Founded to provide a lay Catholic education apostolate, this apostolate will communicate Christian truth as expressed in Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and by the Magisterium of the Roman Catholic Church.  Broadcast activities may include the following:


The operation of one or more radio stations to broadcast Catholic religious and educational programs aimed at fostering a renewal of the Catholic faith.


Rebroadcast religious programming produced by organizations within the Catholic Church, and delivered via satellite, digital or magnetic media.


Originate local programming that focuses on local Catholic events that are of interest to the Catholic population within the broadcast area of each radio station.


The redistribution of religious and educational material that may be available, and furnished by the Catholic Church, and various religious organizations that are a part of the Catholic Church.


Broadcast Catholic news of local, national and international nature covering events that are of interest to all Catholics.


Provide broadcast services at no charge to the local Catholic diocese in which the broadcast is received and individual parishes for airing general public service announcements within each radio station’s broadcast area.


Provide broadcast services at no charge to the general public for the airing of general public service announcements.


Provide for the rebroadcast of emergency announcements and information received from local, state and federal governmental units as defined and required by the Federal Communications Commission.

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